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Auto Transportation Specialists

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Turbo Auto Transport, LLP specializes in the transportation of automobiles. Whether you are moving or looking to take your vehicle to a car show, we have you covered. Transporting a vehicle can be challenging! Leave the paperwork to us! Call today with detail on your car transportation needs!.

Customs Processing

Our in-house Customs specialists and checklist system can guide you to determine the correct type of entry and paperwork required to clear your vehicle through the US or Canadian Customs.

Registered Importer (RI)Classic car Shipping

Dealers commercially importing truckloads of vehicles require a Registered Importer to process and certify compliance. We are an approved USDOT location to certify vehicles at our MT and MI terminals. Also, for personal imports into the US, if a manufacturer will not provide a compliance letter, vehicles must be processed through RI to certify USDOT compliance.

US and Canada Bonded

We are bonded in both the US and in Canada which allows us to pick from a US location and transport to the Canadian border, or pick up in Canada and deliver to US bonded facilities and ocean port for export.

Titling Services

Upon correctly importing a vehicle to the US and meeting US compliance, we can secure a US title for commercial entries, such as US and Canadian dealers buying in Canada and shipping to the US for resale at auto auctions.

Speedometer Conversions

For vehicles coming into the US, we can pull the speedometer cluster and upgrade most to MPH predominant. This is required if vehicles are to be sold at auctions or at dealerships.

Serving: US LOCATIONS: Tucson, Arizona, Great Falls, Montana, Harrison Township, Michigan

Canada Terminals: Vancouver, BC, Calgary and Edmonton, AB, Saskatoon and Regina, SK, Winnipeg, MB, Toronto, ON, Montreal, QC