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US LOCATIONS: Tucson, Arizona, Great Falls, Montana, Harrison Township, Michigan

Canada Terminals: Vancouver, BC, Calgary and Edmonton, AB, Saskatoon and Regina, SK, Winnipeg, MB, Toronto, ON, Montreal, QC

TURBO AUTO TRANSPORT, LLP is the industry leader specializing in cross-border vehicle transport. This includes dealer purchases, military, diplomats, personal purchases and moves, seasonal visitors, job relocation, corporate moves and fleet relocation for large projects in Canada. We transport based on the customer’s request for open or enclosed service and make processing your Customs paperwork easy with our streamlined process and in-house Customs specialists.

We have extensive knowledge when it comes to transporting your vehicle. We have transported thousands of vehicles across the border, so you know your vehicle is transported safely and securely via our experienced drivers. Your Customs paperwork will be done correctly when it is cleared at the border. This is what we do every day, so we know what is expected by Customs whether we're going into Canada or into the United States.

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Turbo Auto Transport, LLP was established in 2006, since then we have grown from a single truck carrier to both, a carrier, and auto transport broker. In 2008, we have concentrated on cross-border transport adding our own Customs processing department to handle the customs paperwork. Turbo has put in place processes and procedures to make it as smooth as possible for you to purchase or move a vehicle across the border.

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